ASO Profile

Welcome to ASO

ASO has been formed under No. 3951733 issued by the State of Delaware whose activity is setting administrative and technical standards and granting accreditation certificates. The accreditation is granted according to the standards and specifications set and developed by the organization. All standards set by ASO are uncomplicated, flexible, applicable, and easy to understand. They don’t take a lot of time to be created and do not require a lot of documents. They don`t need to be checked by mediators. They are very important for both the client and provider as well, and they meet the client`s desirable and ambitious requirements

ASO: QCMS: 1 / 2020

It aims to provide flawless products that conform to the specifications and standards previously set by the client.

ASO: FICMS: 1 / 2020

It aims to provide products or services free of food infection risks.

ASO: OHSMS: 1 / 2020

It aims to keep all workers of the facility safe and healthy.

ASO: FHMS: 1 / 2020

It aims to provide products or services free of food risks.

Some advantages of implementing the standards and obtaining ASO accreditation:

It proves the seriousness and efficiency of business owners and their commitment to satisfying the clients through:
Opening new markets Competitive advantage before competitors Meeting the client`s requirements
Reducing defected, rejected, perishable and destroyed Improving the quality of product or service Gaining the client`s confidence
Feeling proud and confident Reducing customer complaints Gaining more clients
Reducing loss and high expenses Control the performance of product or service Improving the image and reputation of the association
Ability to make effective appropriate decisions Reducing wasted time and effort Continuous improving of product or service
Using the required important documents for each standard Best usage of available resources Commitment to required specifications and standards
Helping with making certain decisions Identifying and understanding the client`s requirements clearly Defining required opportunities for improvement and development
  Using ASO logo Reducing risks probable to happen Identifying effective tasks and activities